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The War for Talent in BPOs: 5 things you’re doing wrong, and 5 ways to fix them


Key Insights:

As a technology company that’s been building and perfecting time-tracking and employee monitoring software since 2012, we’ve learned, from the very beginning, that talent acquisition, retention, and attrition are all crucial elements of success for the outsourcing industry. But, after the transition to remote and flexible work, the difficulties in finding and keeping top talent have become even more exaggerated. With labour shortages and employee wellness responsibilities, BPOs now face a fresh new challenge of balancing productivity and operational performance with flexibility and work-life balance.

In this session, Liam Martin, CMO and Co-Founder of Time Doctor will discuss:

  • The changes that remote and hybrid work have brought to the search for talent in the outsourcing industry
  • An analytical examination of 5 mistakes that BPOs are making in the intensifying war for top talent
  • The 5 strategies to implement for a major competitive advantage in the labor market of the future





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