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Rethinking Workday Analytics

See how Time Doctor is challenging the status quo to revolutionize the way you measure performance and efficiency.

The Webinar is best suited for

Owners, administrators, and managers of Time Doctor account
Managers and leaders who are just getting started with Time Doctor

Webinar Rethinking Workday Analytics provides a brief overview of the purpose and benefits of the Time Doctor Beta Program and feature improvements and enhancements. 

Discover the power of unconventional thinking as we unveil game-changing features that could reshape how you monitor performance and efficiency!

  • Benchmarking Integration Report
  • Explore Process Paths
  • Uncover the Power of Quit Prediction
  • Dive into the SaaS Management Widget

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We are launching a Beta Program. It's an opportunity to get early access to Time Doctor's latest features and provide feedback to shape the final product.

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In the webinar, our expert cover —

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4 Revolutionary Ideas

Discover four revolutionary ideas from Time Doctor's "Chainsaw Team" that will challenge conventional thinking and redefine the way you approach workday analytics.

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New Innovation Team

Learn about the formation of Time Doctor's new innovation team, dedicated to researching and developing cutting-edge solutions for workforce efficiency.

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Exclusive Access & Opportunities

Discover Time Doctor's revamped Beta Program, a sure to be a game-changer with exclusive access & opportunities

This is an opportunity to Join our new Beta Program for both new and existing customers to experience firsthand the future of Time Doctor. 



Liam Martin

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation officer,
Time Doctor