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The Ultimate Guide to Call Center Metrics 

A Fresh Look at KPIs for the Remote or Hybrid Call Center

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Key Insights:

This in-depth conversation with call center expert Thomas Laird examines today’s most valuable call center metrics. Discover which metrics are the most important to success, how to use KPIs to manage a remote or hybrid workforce, how to benchmark your call center metrics, and why metrics can make or break your call center. 

  • Explaining the ideal benchmark for service level
  • Sharing the one metric that’s more important than NPS and CSAT
  • Identifying the number one killer of efficiency in any call center
  • Predicting the future of AI in the call center


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Founder and CEO of Expivia

Tom Laird, is a call center expert with more than 25 years of experience in all facets of contact center operations. For many years, Tom was the head of call center operations with a large financial services BPO. He then went on to found his own center, Expivia Interaction Marketing Group, where he currently operates as CEO. Expivia is a 500 seat hybrid contact center located in Erie, Pennsylvania, offering agents in a brick and mortar facility and/or virtual at-home agents. He's the author of the book Advice from a Call Center Geek and hosts a podcast by the same name. He’s also a member of the NICE inContact ICVC board.