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Finding Focus

How to Empower your Team to Get Things Done - Anywhere

The Webinar is best suited for

Remote leaders
Managers and leaders who work with remote or outsourced staff

Join us for a thought-provoking webinar that will revolutionize the way you approach remote work. Introducing the — Finding Focus — Thought Leadership Webinar: How to Empower your Team to Get Things Done - Anywhere. 

Led by renowned industry expert, Valentina Thörner, this event promises to be a game-changer for leaders and managers seeking to maximize productivity in a distributed work environment.


Valentina Thörner

Remote Leadership Expert

In the webinar, Valentina will cover —

Visibility-Two Tone

Understanding Remote Work Distractions

Dive deep into the world of remote work distractions as we unravel the mysteries of digital diversions, external interruptions, and the ever-present challenge of procrastination.

Solution-Two Tone

Strategies to Minimize Distractions

From creating a supportive remote work environment to implementing the right tools and policies, discover actionable strategies to keep your team focused and engaged.

Low Productivity-Two Tone

Impact of Distractions on Productivity

Discover the true costs of unfocused work and understand how distractions can hinder team performance and impact business outcomes.

Promotion-Two Tone

Role of Leadership in Managing Distractions

Explore the critical role that leaders and managers play in fostering a culture of focus and productivity in a remote setting. Gain valuable insights into setting expectations, establishing accountability, and motivating your team to reach their full potential.

Watch the webinar to embark on a journey towards enhanced focus, heightened productivity, and empowered teams.

Together, let's unlock the true potential of remote work!