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Addressing the Elephant on the Zoom: Why it is no longer business as usual for BPOs


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Key Insights:

After the breathless transition to remote and flexible work, BPOs now face a series of fresh challenges as they navigate the new landscape of work. There is now a delicate balancing act to be struck between maintaining productivity and operational performance, while also adjusting to flexible work, labour shortages and new employee wellness responsibilities.

In this in-depth conversation with BPO expert Peter Ryan, we’ll discuss:

  • The great resignation, some of the reasons behind it, and how precarious it can be for BPOs
  • Remote and hybrid work and the disconnect between what employers and employees want
  • The potential challenges of remote work that can be anticipated as they relate to productivity and employee wellness
  • How CX providers can encourage employee wellness and prevent burnout


Peter Ryanpeter_ryan

Founder and CEO of Ryan Strategic Advisory

Peter Ryan is known worldwide as an influential and trusted BPO and CX research analyst, strategic advisor and thought leader.

His expertise spans several strategic topics, from vertical market penetration and service delivery to best practices in offshoring, technology deployment, and competitive positioning.

Peter annually publishes the Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey, known globally as the most comprehensive sounding of enterprise customer experience buyers in North America, Western Europe, and Australia.