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11 Counterintuitive Insights from a Remote vs.
In-Office Call Center Experiment


Key Insights:

The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the landscape of work and forced companies to shift to remote arrangements. As we all know, the transition to remote work wasn’t easy. There was a scramble to get the appropriate systems and processes in place, people were working from couches and kitchen counters with kids and pets crawling all over them, but over time we settled in and got into a groove.

Now as vaccines are readily available and restrictions have eased, many employers are starting to wonder whether their workplace should be pivoting back to in-person arrangements or if hybrid or remote work environments should become the new norm for their business. 

To help answer this critical question, in this webinar, we'll cover:

  • The huge changes that remote and hybrid work have brought to the Outsourcing industry
  • A data-focused approach to understanding the pros and cons of the evolving options for the future of work
  • A specific case study of a 450-seat call center that transitioned from on-premise to fully remote with surprising results


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